Even before the pandemic saw people around the world performing their specific roles from a home desk, businesses required the use of remote document signing.

Companies keen to keep workflow at its optimum often require signatures from staff out of the office. Extended leave, sickness or travel for business purposes can all result in a key signatory not being present. Enterprises that operate internationally and make deals with firms in other countries also require this option. Travelling across the globe to sign a contract or other legally binding document is rarely a convenient or cost-effective solution.

As a result, traditional methods of obtaining a remote signature were adopted. Important papers requiring signoff were dispatched by couriers using special delivery, or more secure services depending on the confidentiality of content. This process could take 24 hours or more if signatures were needed within a country, but far longer when the signatory was overseas.

Expensive and slow, this option is no longer favoured by competitive business. Read on to explore why an electronic solution is by far the most superior way to sign documents remotely.

Sign documents swiftly

Electronic signatures allow you to complete important paperwork legally and digitally in minimal time. Instead of waiting days, your documents can be signed instantly from any place, any time and on any device from desktops to smartphones.

Stop wasting time and resources

Staff hours won’t be wasted with an e-signature solution. No printing, posting or tracking is required and it’s a greener option too.

Reduce your costs

Electronic signing offer a less expensive option for enterprises, since no special courier services or printing materials are required.

Stay secure

Unlike posted papers that can be intercepted and compromised, e-signatures ensure documents are never interfered with as their contents are encrypted. E-signatures can also be validated ensuring only the intended recipient or signatory is permitted to access documents and sign them.

An easy-to-use e-signature solution for all your needs

With Galaxkey’s user-friendly electronic signature tools, you can sign any document in mere minutes, from any location around the world. Featuring our powerful end-to-end encryption technology, the contents of your sensitive documents can never be viewed, deleted or altered by unauthorised individuals when you use our e-signature solution.

To keep your document signing processes streamlined and secure, get in touch with our technical team today and book a free 14-day trial.