Secure File Transfer


Secure files on Windows and Mac
No limit on file size
Independent on file format
Protect files in cloud storage
Support for secure vaults
User-friendly total data protection
Keep files safe with one-click encryption and tracking
Secure File Transfer

You don’t walk down the street flashing confidential papers to everyone walking by. So why would you risk flashing your files online?

You may not be able to see the malware lurking on your lunchtime café server, but it can see into your system if you’re not careful.

Our Secure File Transfer software wraps three layers of protection around your files everywhere they go, whether they are attached to an email, stored in the cloud, or read on a device over lunch.

It doesn’t matter if a Secure File is shared somewhere it wasn’t supposed to go – nobody who isn’t meant to will be able to access it anyway.

Protect yourself from snoopers and secure confidential material away from prying eyes anywhere any time.

  • Store files securely
  • Share files safely
  • Track files everywhere

You may be confident about file security inside your business. But how do you keep your data safe once they leave?

Galaxkey protection works anywhere and everywhere, and it is easy to set up. Right-click any file (CTRL-Click on Mac) to enable Personal Vault encryption. Your files and folders are now secure. You can upload them to cloud storage like Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive and OneDrive, or email files to someone outside your organization safe in the knowledge that only authorised people will be able to view the contents.

Secure File Transfer for Enterprise
Protect on Pluggables
See every digital fingerprint on a file
Build trust in your files
Shared secure access
Protect on Pluggables
Data Encryption and Secure File Transfer for Enterprise provided by Galaxkey

Galaxkey secures files on pluggable devices. Simply right-click to add Vault protection before copying any kind or size of file to a USB drive. Give yourself peace of mind by automating protection across your business with Corporate Vault. If a pluggable device is lost or stolen, your Vault-secured files remain secure and inaccessible to snoopers, even if they manage to access the device.

See every digital fingerprint on a file

Everybody has the right to see what happens to their data. These days, it is becoming more common for people to make GDPR requests. Adding digital signatures to your files ensures every touchpoint is recorded automatically, making this kind of report easy to create.

Quickly and easily create reports for GDPR requests or other compliance policies. Galaxkey lets you track document access across every touchpoint (like email and FTP servers) for automated GDPR compliance. Our application remembers the when, where, what and who for file access, so you don’t have to.

Build trust in your files

A data-centric approach and granular control are essential to flexible document security and secure sharing of files. As the data itself is secured, you can continue to work as you choose, and no matter how you share your documents or the journey your files follow, they remain secure. You can be sure that only authorised users can access them.

Shared secure access

One file, many users

Sharing files with clients or suppliers is a great way to save time and strengthen relationships. But collaboration doesn’t need to make your file less secure. It is easy to add authorised users to an individual file or an entire workspace. A one-time registration creates a new authorized user for any email address so that you can bring people in with no interruption to workflow. Choose who can download or save a file for added security. Then add Vault protection, so your file is safe wherever it is sent, stored or used. No unauthorised users can ever see the content.

Man sending secure file transfer using Galaxkey platform

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