Every great innovation is born out of a need to solve a problem

Galaxkey was born from the need to create a security platform with the highest level of encryption while offering a simple-to-understand user interface. After exploring multiple models from 2010 to 2014, co-founders Randhir Shinde and Ricky Magalhaes developed Galaxkey’s most secure platform. With three layers of encryption, the revolutionary solution proved impenetrable, with no back-door vulnerabilities.

Following initial testing, we worked from 2015 to 2016, creating an application that allowed end users to encrypt and secure both emails and files over a web interface, and via a wide range of products including Windows Outlook, iOS, Android and macOS X.

Moving into 2017, we saw institutions and businesses such as University College London, Bradford City Council and a large airports authority in Middle East adopt the secure platform. That same year also saw Sir George Zambellas become our Executive Chairman, bringing his experience, vision, and incredible depth of knowledge of all levels of security to the company. Sir George had served as First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff for the three years prior to joining us.

The latest commercial Galaxkey Workspace platform has now evolved to include secure file sharing and safe collaboration. Our vision is to create the most formidable encryption platform that puts complete control into the hands of users via a simple-to-follow interface – one that works across all platforms.

What Galaxkey are Great at

Secure emails

Employing simple-to-use email encryption, we can protect and control entire emails including not just message content but file attachments too, with cutting-edge security features.

Safeguard documents

Whether your confidential data is at rest, in storage or being shared, we can ensure it is always protected irrespective of file size or type to avoid data loss, and can make sure you keep compliant with data security laws.

Provide safe collaboration

When you need to share and collaborate securely with internal and external users, we will make certain your data is completely protected and constantly under your control.

Enable Digital Document Signing

Go paperless with digital document signing – a cost-effective and time-consuming solution that will improve efficiency and give you confidence that your most important documents are protected and controlled.

Why use Galaxkey to secure your communication and collaboration?


Our model provides a simple user experience that easily allows end-users to secure emails and documents without needing to exchange multiple keys and passwords.


Galaxkey offers encryption for emails as well as files, and uses the same product across multiple platforms. The same encryption platform is used for Galaxkey Workspace.


Our wide range of features are designed to help companies remain compliant. All data is monitored, referenced, timed and fully auditable, ensuring it adheres to GDPR and other international data requirements.


Galaxkey is the only secure platform that enables users with complete control of the encryption keys. It’s the platform that has no backdoors.


Galaxkey has been developed so no passwords in any format are ever stored. This gives users complete control of both their keys and their confidential data.


The encryption model of Galaxkey is based on the FIPS 140-2 three-layered onion model, making it practically impossible to access the encrypted data without appropriate access rights and authentication.