Every great innovation is born out of a need to solve a problem

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Galaxkey was conceived to do research and development on finding a solution to a problem in the encryption industry. Incumbent encryption products were complicated to use, and the originator of the software always controlled the keys for encryption. The challenge was to find a perfect balance between high-level security, usability, and putting the organisation back in control.


The Start

Saw the first seeds of research and development commenced to create a platform that provided the highest levels of cybersecurity for emailing and files encryption, putting key management back in the control of users while being able to integrate intuitively with existing software programmes. Key to this research was making the platform meet these objectives, remain intuitive to use, and be ‘best in class’ in this sector.


Market Viable Product

Was a pivotal year as we launched ourselves commercially. Developers and Programmers that had joined Galaxkey from its inception worked thousands of hours to create an encryption platform that we believed met the needs of the commercial sector, providing the highest available standards in cybersecurity. During our first year of a soft launch, we had over 20 early adopters validating Galaxkey as a Market Viable Product (MVP) which endorsed our strategy and vision to provide the best commercially available encryption product in the world.



Sir George Zambellas, the First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff from 2013-2016, took up a position on the board as our Executive Chairman. Sir George’s vision, experience, and incredible depth of knowledge of security at all levels have enabled Galaxkey to incorporate best practice across the business and provide invaluable assistance as we navigate the commercial market place nationally and internationally.


The Product

Galaxkey launched on Windows, iOS, Android, Web and MAC OSX. Galaxkey also launched the Galaxkey ‘Workspace’ commercially, which provided a secure file sharing and collaboration platform while enabling busineses to keep data in their own environment for ultimate data security.



Will be a defining year for our platform when we will achieve Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) accreditation. Which will give our platform and our company, the final seal of approval that our encryption architecture meets the ultimate test of data security as set by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

Cybersecurity is an ever-changing landscape. We will continue to build our architecture to prepare for Cyber-Security threats, not just for today but the next decade. Galaxkey is already working towards AI and Quantum safe encryption research. Galaxkey will continue to provide cutting edge encryption technology to protect our valued users around the globe.