Secure Collaboration

Protect your shared data and maintain compliance
Keep your shared data under your control

Working collaboratively with partners, clients and third parties (groups of internal and external users) is a requirement for various industries to improve efficiency and productivity. Collaboration needs to be done in a secure manner, not only to protect confidential company data but to comply with regulation as well.

Protect, control and manage your collaboration and files
Secure without compromising the ability to edit and share

Galaxkey’s Secure collaboration is simple to use and manage without the need for additional infrastructure. Files and documents are always protected, end-to-end, and controlled in your network. You control and manage the access to the files and the user’s interactions with the data. Galaxkey lets you protect, control, manage and monitor the collaboration process and the data ensuring data security and compliance are always maintained.

Share via groups
Create logical groups and securely share with users inside and outside of your network.
Access rights
Control and manage user access rights and revoke access rights directly from the interface.
Version Control
Version control tracks and records all modifications and conflict resolution is handled internally by the platform.
Detailed Audit
A detailed audit of user access and modifications is recorded.