To work effectively, most companies across different sectors need to collaborate and share data, but the available options are not always secure. Sharing confidential information via email or pluggable devices is not always ideal as these methods can make data difficult to control access to and protect.

While cloud storage and share companies such as Dropbox and Sharefile provide a useful solution for storing data, many organisations find it difficult to manage encryption keys for their files, as neither the uploaded files nor the security options are in their control.

Companies are also facing new challenges from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which must be accounted for when collaborating ensuring information is always secure.

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The Galaxkey workspace is a powerful platform designed to solve both compliancy and confidentiality requirements for securely sharing files, while also ensuring users can work collaborate effectively without disruption.

Secure Workspace

Galaxkey Workspace offers users a secure work environment where they can upload and share files and folders. Workspaces can be created for in-house users, along with external contacts you need to collaborate with. With complete controls in your hands, users can be added to the workspace and assigned access.

Access Control

Files are uploaded in Workspace and can be accessed by users who have been granted permission. With total control, files can be completely restricted or viewable only online, with no option to download.

Auto Versioning

Galaxkey Workspace has built-in version control. When a file is modified, the previous version is maintained, allowing users to always return it if required. Users can configure how many files are stored in the version history.

Collaborate Online

Galaxkey provides a complete editing suite for modifying documents in Word, Excel, and Spreadsheets. Created to facilitate collaboration, multiple users can work simultaneously on one file and view changes made by each other, keeping in contact via built-in messaging.

Select your Size Limit

There are no size limits on files being uploaded or downloaded, but this can be configured within the Workspace settings.

Restrict Access

Access can be restricted to Workspace for a specific geographic region, offering an enhanced level of protection from malicious attacks.


Workspace offers multiple themes to provide users with a selection of different styles and layouts for their interface to suit individual preference.

GDPR Compliance

Galaxkey workspace has been designed to ensure it is fully compliant with the GDPR and other international regulatory requirements.

Retention Policies

Users can define their unique company retention policies on file and workspaces to make certain they are compliant with regulations.

Geographical Restrictions

Users can define access to regions that are authorised to connect to a corporate workspace and are able to place restrictions for one or multiple regions.

Secure by Design

All files stored in the workspace are scanned for viruses before they are uploaded and secured with user identity by default. No unsecured files are ever stored, and files cannot be accessed without the correct user authentication.

Detailed Audits

When you need reports for audits and compliancy purposes, the Galaxkey Workspace provides users with detailed information on all documents secured and unsecured.