Secure Workspace

Keep your shared data under your control

Working collaboratively on documents and data files is a significant requirement for various industries. These include the legal, healthcare and financial institutions. Sharing data via email and removable media is not advisable as they are difficult to control and difficult to protect.

Cloud store and share companies like Dropbox, Sharefile & Box provide a useful mechanism for cloud storage, but companies are finding it difficult to use them due to the following issues

  • Encryption keys for the files are not in control of the organisations.
  • Cloud storage companies provide storage in their infrastructure; hence there is no control on the file storage location.
  • The companies have to rely on the security offerings of the providers and have absolutely no control on the document security.
  • The recipient of the shared files has to spend in expensive infrastructure to collaborate.

The requirements from GDPR have made it even more difficult for corporates to work collaboratively.

Secure without compromising the ability to edit and share

Galaxkey is a powerful encryption platform fully compliant with FIPS 140-2, using 2048-bit encryption algorithms. Based on this technology Galaxkey has created a Secure Workspace for clients to work and collaborate securely. We are providing significant advantages over traditional secure sharing and collaboration solutions in the market. Following are some of the features which give a clear advantage in using Secure Workspace.

  1. The Galaxkey Workspace lets corporates store files securely inside their network.
  2. The files are stored in local file servers and shared over the cloud via the secure Galaxkey Interface.
  3. The corporates have all the files in their control.
  4. The files which are stored locally in the corporate network are individually encrypted by the Galaxkey identity of the persons who own the shared groups — thus making the data completely secure.
  5. Users can work securely and collaboratively at the same time on the same document.

1. Shared via Workspace
Easily create logical groups and share files to various members, both inside and outside the organisation.

The platform automatically invites users to the Galaxkey platform and a free to use account is created.

2. Access rights
Give Read only, Edit and View by Web access to users in a group. Access rights are all controlled by the group owner. Easily revoke rights directly from the interface. All files are encrypted using the users identities. Full support for 2FA.

3. Interface
Access files via Web as well as Desktop Interface.

Files can be downloaded, edited and uploaded directly in the file store.

Files cannot be accessed unless the recipient has a valid Galaxkey account.

4. Version Control
All files modifications and changes are maintained via version control. Conflict resolution handled internally by the platform.

5. Detailed Audit
The platform provides a detailed audit of all user access, modifications.

6. GDPR Ready
The file collaboration platform is ready for the GDPR compliance. The files shared via the platform will comply with the compliance of the GDPR.

7. Key Management
All the encryption keys are managed by the corporates in their own environment.