Keep your shared data under your control

Working collaboratively on documents and data files is an essential requirement for various industries. Sharing data via email and removable media is not advisable as they are difficult to control and difficult to protect.

Cloud store and share companies like Dropbox, Sharefile & Box provide a useful mechanism for cloud storage, but companies are finding it difficult to use as the encryption keys for the files, the actual files and security offerings are not in control of the organisations.

The recipient of the shared files has to spend on expensive infrastructure to collaborate. The requirements from GDPR have made it even more difficult for corporates to work collaboratively.


Galaxkey workspace is a powerful platform that can solve any requirements for securely sharing files and at the same time ensuring users are able to work on them collaboratively

Secure Workspace

With Galaxkey Workspace, you can create secure workspaces to upload and share files and folders. Users can be added to these workspaces with complete control on the access rights. The workspaces can be created for users in-house and also external to your business.

Access Control

Files are uploaded in Workspaces and based on the access rights given to the members of the workspace, access is granted to them. If required, with access control, files can be restricted to just be viewed online and files can be totally restricted in your control.

Auto Versioning

Galaxkey Workspace has built-in version control. So each time a file is updated or modified, the previous version is maintained in history. So you can go back to a previous version at any time. The number of files to be stored in the version history can also be configured.

Collaborate Online

Galaxkey provides a complete suite of Office Editors to edit Word, Excel and Spreadsheets. The online editing also provides easy collaboration and messaging capability. Multiple user can work on same file at the same time and see others make changes to it.

Definable Size Limit

No limit on file size to upload and download. The limit on the size of the file is also customisable in the configurations.

Restrict Access

Restrict access to workspace for a specific geographic region. Thereby preventing malicious access to the workspace.


Support for multiple themes and look and feel for the portal giving user the choice to get an interface as per preference.

GDPR Compliant

Galaxkey workspace is fully compliant to the practises required for the GDPR and other global regulatory compliances

Retention Policies

Define corporate retention policies on files and workspaces to comply with the regulations.

Geographical Restrictions

Define access to regions that can connect to your corporate workspace. Restrict to one or more regions.

Secure by design

All files stored in the workspace are scanned for viruses before they are uploaded and secured with the users identities by default. No file is stored in unsecured file. Files are not accessible without the users authentication and access

Detailed Audits

Get detailed audits for all files are both file and workspace (admin) level for purpose of compliance and audit.