GDPR Functionality

Galaxkey helps you to manage the GDPR step by step
Who must comply

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the EU Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC (DPD). It is a common law for all EU countries to support the secure, liberal movement of data across EU boundaries. It puts data subjects at the forefront of data security and aims to protect all EU citizens from privacy and data breaches. If you control and process Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or sensitive personal information of EU citizens you must comply with the regulation by May 2018. Even if you do not have offices or employees in the EU zone you must still comply.

Galaxkey is GDPR ready
How Galaxkey helps
  • With one comprehensive data protection platform, Galaxkey supports technical GDPR compliance and the privacy rights of the data subject.
  • Galaxkey protects personal data whilst allowing high-level control of the data.
  • Whatever your type of data and wherever your data travels, your ‘Galaxkeyed’ data remains protected and where you choose.
  • Your data remains confidential, available, reliable, and portable.
  • Galaxkey lets you demonstrate that you’ve implemented the required technical measures to ensure GDPR compliance, so you can show accountability.
  • Galaxkey enables you to classify, protect, control, monitor, audit and report.
Galaxkey addresses the key challenges
Become compliant
Privacy by design
Galaxkey gives you the required GDPR functionality to protect and manage your data as well as manage the GDPR process. Data-centric protection and granular access control ensure the privacy of 'Galaxkeyed' data.
Securing personal data
Galaxkey secures all data end-to-end and throughout the data lifecycle in any environment. Classification, policy and control ensure the data is appropriately managed, so 'Galaxkeyed' data is confidential, has integrity and is available.
Right of access
Galaxkey allows granular visibility and access control. You always know where your data is and it's available on demand. You can revoke access, retrieve data and securely transfer data to observe this right.
Right of erasure
Also referred to as the 'right to be forgotten'. Galaxkey lets you delete an entire identity and revoke access to data. This means that you invalidate and securely remove any data and access to the data to observe this right.
Right to restrict processing
Galaxkey lets you track data access and enables high-level control to manage data access as required. Access can be given, denied, revoked or allowed with time constraints.
Data portability
'Galaxkeyed' data is always portable. You can gather the data, protect the data and share the data securely using Galaxkey's secure transfer mechanism to observe this right.
Breach notification
Galaxkey is an effective technical safeguard that renders data unusable if breached by error or malicious intent. Data is only accessible through authorised access.
Galaxkey lets you demonstrate your compliance to prove accountability. When using Galaxkey you protect your personal information, manage and control data access. You can track, audit and report to comply.
Appropriate technical measures
Galaxkey helps
Galaxkey uses encryption, authentication and access control to protect the data end-to-end so that only authorised users can access the data. By layering these technologies your data is kept private and confidential.
Galaxkey can sign the data so that the user is alerted when the data is accessed and transferred. Not only do you know who has accessed the data but you also know where the data is and have the assurance that the data hasn't been modified by an unauthorised user.
The Galaxkey private, hybrid and public cloud systems ensure that your data is available on demand to authorised users and that you have full control of your data. You can revoke access to data or time-expire any data when you feel that access is no longer required.


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