Classify, protect and manage data easily and efficiently

An abundance of valuable and sensitive data exists in this sector, thus the opportunity for an attack is heightened and the security risk enhanced.  Threats to sensitive data have reached a critical point and the sophistication and frequency of attacks are escalating.

This sector continues to transition to a more electronic and mobile environment in which service members communicate with their team and family members. It’s fundamental that communications are always secure to minimise both operational and personal security risk.

Maintain operational and personal security

Whilst using Galaxkey the defence sector can secure entire data content and transfer systems regardless of the recipient, external or third party. All data is secured and access to data is easily managed while conforming to strict data regulations for data privacy and security. This is achieved within a multifaceted and mobile environment that crosses all boundaries (physical, virtual and geographical) as the data itself is protected.


  • Secure all data: email, documents, cloud, removable media
  • Secure transfer systems
  • Confine your data to a geographic location of choice
  • Any device, platform or environment (mobile and web access)
  • Secure access control and authentication
  • Set rules and policies to automatically secure data
  • Classify data
  • Maintain compliance
  • Digitally sign data