Protect all business communications

Financial institutions are target-rich environments for cybercrime. Their data is highly sensitive and confidential. The way in which business is done within this sector is changing: many internal processes are being outsourced, computing is shifting to the cloud and more digital channels are being used to connect with customers and clients. This digitalisation combined with the valuable data processed presents new security and data risks. Furthermore, multi-national data protection and privacy regulations demand rigorous compliance. Evidently, the foundation has been laid for a comprehensive and robust cyber-defence plan within this sector.

Protect your customers

Financial institutions need to protect their customer data and secure their business communications whilst maintaining the transparency, control and agility to function efficiently. This is where Galaxkey helps! Our holistic data-centric approach protects the data itself without impacting business function. Whilst using Galaxkey financial services are protecting all their valuable data, achieving their required compliance while maintaining complete control of their data and choice of business practices.


  • All data secured no matter the type of data, systems or environments
  • Simple to use and simple to manage, all from one platform
  • Granular visibility and control
  • Data is rendered useless to attackers, neutralising the impact of a data breach
  • Sensitive and personal data (PII) secured
  • Multi-national compliance regulations addressed
  • End-to-end data-centric protection to address all security and privacy needs