Protect customer and business data

Utility businesses supplying services for water, electricity and gas (for example) communicate personal data on a regular basis. These communications, with customers as well as third parties, often include customer details, invoices, as well as other notifications and are regularly sent via email. When personal data is communicated or shared electronically it must be done securely.

One comprehensive data protection platform

Galaxkey is easy to use and manage. It integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure without impacting existing functioning or efficiency. Whilst using Galaxkey, businesses can communicate securely with their customers and other third parties. Recipients can respond securely without charge. Security is end-to-end for all data in transit, at rest and in storage. While using Galaxkey, utility businesses can protect their customer and personal data and achieve data protection compliance too.


  • Easy to use and manage internalĀ and third-party communications
  • Secures all types of data and any file size
  • Secure payroll and invoicing
  • Free for your recipients to use
  • Neutralise the impact of a data breach
  • Avoid accidental disclosure of data
  • Use policies to force encryption
  • Digitally sign emails and documents