Employees may forget to protect but GSG won't
Galaxkey Breach Prevention

The Galaxkey Secure Gateway (GSG) is a versatile solution to help you keep your data safe even if your employees forget to. The GSG can read email and documents on the fly to see if employees are mistakingly sending sensitive information without protecting it. The GSG is like a goalkeeper, it catches all the communications that need to remain secure. It’s a breach prevention tool that is used to maintain compliance.

Versatile protection, scan protected files and archive sensitive data
Maintain Compliance

The GSG can scan protected files for malware together with your existing anti-malware solutions. It can be used to archive sensitive information so that you maintain easy access to your data for e-discovery. Our very versatile solution can be used to decrypt other lesser secure encryption solutions so that you can protect your data with state of the art Galaxkey technology.