Document Security

Protect documents throughout their journey

Files are shared in many ways: emails, FTP, cloud and USB all of which are not secure methods.

Documents must be protected for compliance and commercial reasons and need to be secured at all stages, in transit, at rest and in storage.


Galaxkey provides a complete secure file solution for storing, signing, and sharing.

  • Galaxkey Vault
  • Galaxkey Corporate Vault
  • Digital Document Signing

Galaxkey Vault

Securing files has never been easier with Galaxkey Vault. Drag and drop a file into your Personal Vault on your Desktop for automatic encryption.

Once encrypted even when taken out of the vault the file remains secure until such a time you wish to restore it to its original state.

The Vault can be configured to work within a Dropbox folder or Google Drive letting you work collaboratively but most importantly securely.

Galaxkey Corporate Vault

Anyone with access to corporate networks can gain access to files even those that shouldn’t have access to them.

In addition to your Personal Vaults, you can create network level GCV which encrypt all files and folders within them.

You can define groups of users that only they can access the relevant GCV and provides a full audit trail. Multiple GCV’s can be
set up per department or groups based on Active Directory. Easy to set up, GCV offers a simple solution to a complex problem
and secures your companies networked data within minutes.

Digital Document Signing

Galaxkey not only provides a secure way to send emails and files but also provides a full Digital Document Signing process.

Now you can go paperless and request a digital signature for anything that needs a legally binding and auditable name.

Our Digital Document add-in helps increase efficiency, speed, and saves money.