Protect documents throughout their journey

Files are shared in many ways: emails, FTP, cloud and USB all of which are not secure methods. Documents must be protected for compliance and commercial reasons and need to be secured at all stages, in transit, at rest and in storage.

Galaxkey provides a complete secure file solution for storing, signing, and sharing.

  • Galaxkey Vault
  • Galaxkey Corporate Vault
  • Digital Document Signing


Simplicity in encrypting and securing documents takes away the overheads of complex steps required to achieve data protection. With Galaxkey document security there is a list of unique features that make the experience as simple as it can get. With support for encryption for files on the desktop and the cloud, Galaxkey document encryption makes file security straightforward

Personal Vault

Drag and drop a file into your Personal Vault on your Desktop for automatic encryption.

Once encrypted even when taken out of the vault the file remains secure until such a time you wish to restore it to its original state.

Corporate Vault

Encrypting files in a network folder with Active Directory rights is now simple and straightforward with Galaxkey Corporate Vault. Files and folders get encrypted instantly when they are copied to these folders. The files are encrypted with identities of the users who have access to these folders. With complete administrative access all files are protected with both inside and external threats.

Digital Document Signing

Go paperless and request a digital signature for anything that needs a legally binding and auditable name. Our Digital Document add-in helps increase efficiency, speed, and saves money.

Easy to use

Right click on files (on Windows) to secure the file. Directly edit the files even if secured and encrypted in a container. When files are edited they are automatically secured and stored inside the secured container. There is no restriction on file formats.

No file size limit

Galaxkey file and document security has no limit on the size of file you want to encrypt. You can encrypt any size of file and the encryption and decryption process is super fast. Files encrypted with Galaxkey are totally cross platform and can be ported to any platform or device.

Secure your files in Cloud

Using the Personal Vault, you can configure to encrypt all your files before they get synchronised with the cloud storage. Pre Internet Encryption of PIE is fully achievable with Galaxkey document encryption. All files on Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive or OneDrive can be easily protected before they are uploaded to the cloud storage.

Multi-Identity Support

Secure files for more than one identity to allow multiple users to access the same file with their own credentials. This makes working on secured files by multiple users simple.

Secure files on pluggable devices

Secure files before you copy them on pluggable devices. So any loss of device, can protect your data from un-authorised access.

Detailed Audit

Get detailed audits for all documents secured and unsecured with all details for audit and compliance purpose.