Protect documents at every stage of their journey

From emails to FTP servers, files are shared in all sorts of ways, but these methods are not always secure. To ensure company documents remain safe and protected for confidentiality and compliance reasons, they must always be secured, whether they are in transit, at rest or in storage.

Galaxkey provides a comprehensive solution for storing, signing, and sharing files securely.

  • Galaxkey Vault
  • Galaxkey Corporate Vault
  • Digital Document Signing
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Galaxkey encryption offers a simple but effective solution for achieving complete data protection. Designed to be user friendly, Galaxkey document security is presented with an easy-to-understand interface and includes a wide array of features, offering powerful encryption for files on both desktop and the cloud.

Personal Vault

For more secure document management, simply drag and drop a file into your Personal Vault on your desktop for automatic encryption. The file will remain secure even after its removed from the vault, until you decide otherwise.

Corporate Vault

Encrypting files in a network folder with Active Directory rights becomes a simple and straightforward process with Galaxkey Corporate Vault. Files are encrypted instantly when they are copied to these folders, with the identities of users with authorised access to them. This ensures they are fully protected against both internal and external threats.

Digital Document Signing

A cost-effective and time-saving solution that increases efficiency, our Digital Document feature allows you to go paperless and request digital signatures for confidential or legal documents when required.

Easy to use

Simply right-click on files (or hold Control and click if using a Mac) to secure them. Once secure, files can be edited directly in the container, and there is no restriction on file formats.

No file size limit

When it comes to encryption, Galaxkey document security has no limits on file size. Featuring rapid processing power, you can encrypt or decrypt files of any size quickly. Files that have been encrypted by Galaxkey can be used on multiple platforms and accessed on a wide range of devices.

Secure your files stored in the Cloud

Using the Personal Vault, you can set up encryption for all your files before they are synchronised with cloud storage. Galaxkey document security has been designed with Pre-Internet Encryption (PIE) in mind and users can protect files on Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive or OneDrive prior to upload to cloud storage.

Multi-identity support

Galaxkey has been designed for multiple users to access files with total protection. It allows you to secure files for more than one identity, enabling multiple authorised users to access a single file using their own credentials.

Secure files on pluggable devices

Galaxkey document security allows you to secure files and folders before they are copied to pluggable devices like USB drives. This means that if a device is lost, all data transmitted to it will be protected from unauthorised access.

Detailed audit

When you need reports for audits and compliancy purposes, Galaxkey provides users with detailed information on all documents secured and unsecured.