For businesses, data security is one of the top priorities kept in mind at all times. It’s important that companies keep their data safe and secure and that they help their team to make positive security changes within the workplace. See some top ways to improve data security in your business and keep your company protected:

Top Data Security Tips For The Workplace

#1 Implement A Password Policy

Passwords are one of the first lines of defence against hackers and unauthorised users. If your team use a weak password or repeatedly use the same one, then they can leave themselves vulnerable to being hacked. By implementing a password policy within the workplace you can prevent this. Set out guidelines, such as requiring all passwords to contain a mix of lowercase, uppercase letters, symbols and numbers and not using the same password for each account.

#2 Move To A Paperless System

One of the easiest ways to cause a breach of data security is by leaving valuable data lying around on paper. By moving to a paperless system you can reduce this risk. Make sure that your team don’t leave any loose paper notes around and if they need to use the printer then ensure that they immediately collect all printouts, rather than leaving the paper in the tray.

#3 Use Document Sharing Software

Using a secure file sharing solution protects all of your documents and makes sure they’re secured during transit. By dragging and dropping your files into the document sharing vault you can automatically encrypt them, keeping them secure in the vault until you want to return them to their original state. The software can be configured to work with Dropbox, Google Drive and more, letting you work collaboratively.

#4 Use Email Encryption

Email encryption allows you to send secure emails and files in just one click. The software includes features like a mail time-out, notifications, digital signage of emails, revoking access to emails and Authorised Data Distribution, which allows you to stop your emails being forwarded on to other parties.

#5 Create A Secure Workspace

For many businesses, cloud storage such as Dropbox and Sharefile are difficult to use because they have no control over security. A bespoke secure workspace solution will give you a collaborative space where your team can upload, share and store files, without worrying about the data being compromised.

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