In today’s digital age, companies require a secure and efficient method for sharing and moving sensitive data. Secure file transfer protocols offer a cutting-edge solution, with features such as encryption, compression, and easy-to-use interfaces. These systems enable teams to share files with single or multiple locations while ensuring that their data is heavily protected by robust security technology.

In this blog, we will explore the key advantages that secure file transfer protocols offer for organizations, local authorities, and even educational institutions.

Minimizing Cyberattack Risks with Secure File Transfer

As cyberattacks continue to rise, the vulnerability of file transfers has become a major concern for businesses. According to recent statistics, the number of data breaches in 2021 exceeded those of both 2019 and 2020. Cyberattacks in 2021 resulted in millions of dollars in losses for companies, especially during lockdowns when remote work was necessary.

Secure file transfer protocols provide end-to-end encryption that safeguards data in transit and at rest, protecting both company data and personal information from unwanted access. This type of encryption ensures that even if attackers access data files, they are unable to read any information contained within.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards through Secure File Transfer

Many industries are subject to strict regulations regarding the handling, storage, and sharing of data. Sectors such as finance, education, and healthcare, which deal with sensitive information, must comply with a stringent code of standards. These laws also extend to file sharing and associated security.

For example, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires all organizations working in healthcare to comply with regulations established for Electronic Protected Health Information. This act also covers third parties such as insurance agencies. As a result, every entity must actively protect against anticipated and actual threats that could enable unauthorized access to sensitive or personally identifiable information (PII).

Secure file transfer protocols ensure that there are no threats to the data and that only authorized individuals can view and use it, thus maintaining compliance.

Fine-Grain Control and Auditing with Secure File Transfer

Secure file transfer protocols also offer detailed control and auditing capabilities for data handlers. Administrators can set the appropriate level of security required depending on the sensitivity of the information involved. Encrypted data files can be easily moved within an internal system and shared with specific individuals without any risk.

Secure file transfer protocols also allow administrators to track the movement of files and keep a record of interactions with data. Alerts are issued to admins if any unauthorized access or alteration is attempted. With Galaxkey encryption solution, data protection is enhanced even more.

Start transferring files securely today

At Galaxkey, we offer a secure file transfer system that uses end-to-end encryption that is approved by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) here in the UK. It allows users to store and share files securely and track data everywhere. Exceptionally user-friendly, it is ideal for teams that include users with a range of different IT abilities.

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