4 Oct 2012

The ICO have confirmed that businesses will remain responsible for data that is stored by cloud network providers. The businesses will be accountable for the safety of the data.

Many businesses are moving to cloud computing to take advantage of the services it provides however it is concerning that not all these companies realise that they remain responsible for the data no matter where or by whom it is stored.

The ICO have compiled a guide, ‘Guide to cloud computing’, to aid businesses to act in accordance with the law.

It should be in the interest of all businesses to maintain a good understanding of the regulations surrounding cloud computing as the ICO will act against those who neglect to comply with the data protection laws.  This is prevalent with the recent monetary penalty, £250 000, issued to the Scottish Borders Council for not fulfilling the data protection laws.

Within the document ‘cloud computing advice’ compiled by the ICO, the ICO suggest that encrypting your data before it leaves your computer is one of the ways to ensure your data remains secure.  Galaxkey can resolve this challenge.

The most secure way to use a cloud storage service is to encrypt your files before they leave your computer. If you hold the encryption key, no one else will be able to easily decrypt your files and therefore read or use your personal information…”

Follow the links to view the ICO’s ‘Guidance on the use of cloud computing’ and ‘Cloud computing advice’.