Recent research suggests that impact of data breaches on Enterprises is on the rise and will reach aftermaths in a region of £1.3 trillion, across the globe, by 2019.

Cybercrime is becoming more sophisticated and planned, with fewer chance attacks occurring. The utilisation of specifically developed cybercrime products with premeditated purpose in mind is also on the rise, especially as devices become more complex and show improved capabilities.

Breaches are expected to arise from a number of sources both old and new. Sources will include:

  • IT and network infrastructure
  • Desktop computers and traditional devices
  • Mobile devices
  • The Internet of Things


Although mobile devices are more complex than the average desktop set up and thus contributes more technical barriers, application use on mobile devices is likely to increase the potential threat vector and will be increasingly targeted.

The relatively new Internet of Things is also predicted as a significant target for cybercrime. It allows for the perfect environment, as a result of its infancy, the lack of software security updates together with the vast capabilities it offers and abilities to inter-connect with systems, that too are potential target points.

Data is and will remain to be a valuable asset and will continue to be the target for malicious use. Increasingly Enterprise critical information is being processed and stored on various devices, various systems and environments (traditional, mobile and cloud) and the areas available for attack are vast. As the methods to secure this data advance and become more sophisticated, so do the methods for attack.

It’s essential to ensure you have the best security measures in place to secure your data as cyber attacks will continue and the cost to the Enterprise will be great.

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