If your company uses or stores personal information as part of the work it is involved in, it is essential that you follow the clearly designed rules on data protection, developed to safeguard people’s private details. These data protection rules apply to information held on customers, clients, account holders and personnel that may be used to maintain staff records, recruit new employees, or even market a company’s products and services.

Whether logging personnel working hours, keeping clients’ contact details on file, or sharing delivery address information with a third-party logistics firm, data protection policies must be considered at all times. Personal information has now become a popular target for hackers and other cybercriminal groups. It can be used to their advantage in many different ways, including taking credentials to access sensitive company systems and impersonating individuals so they can steal funds and identities.

If a data breach occurs and personal information is exposed, data protection regulatory authorities like the Information Commissioner’s office (ICO) must be contacted and informed. If the ICO finds a firm has not taken adequate measures for data protection or failed to be transparent with those impacted, it has the power to demand that heavy financial penalties are paid.

The rules of data protection

If your enterprise is storing or using personal information, it is obligated to not only keep it secure, but to also ensure that it is accurate and always up to date. After collecting an individual’s personal information, companies have a duty to inform them who they are and how the data collected will be used. If the information will be shared with another organisation, this must also be stated.

Individuals must also be informed that they have certain rights regarding their personal information. These rights include viewing any personal data retained and having it corrected if it is found to be wrong. They can also request that data is deleted and choose that their information is not used for particular purposes.

Data holder obligations

If your enterprise is keeping or handling personal information, you must let the ICO know exactly how your business is using this private data.

Whether it is from a company client or a member of staff, if a data protection request is made by an individual, companies are obliged to respond within one month, and in most cases supply or update information free of charge.

Keeping compliant with cutting-edge encryption

At Galaxkey, we understand the multiple compliancy policies established to safeguard sensitive and private information that must be handled and stored by firms. Many regulations suggest that specific solutions are employed so that businesses stay compliant, and so we have developed a robust level of encryption that ensures a wide range of protection requirements are fully satisfied.

Following classification for personal data both stored and in transit, encryption can be actioned, providing strong protection for confidential information and delivering peace of mind for information officers, with all compliance needs covered.

Our secure Galaxkey platform is an ideal answer to the demands of data protection. Contact our specialist team today to arrange an online demonstration for your firm.