17 June 2013

Once again it has been stressed that encryption definitely works as a method to keep your personal data private.

Recently through the Guardian Website and an event known as ‘AskSnowden’, the whistle-blower  Mr Snowden of the leaked scheme ‘PRISM’ answered a question regarding the use of encryption to secure data, specifically to defeat NSA surveillance.

Snowden’s response to the question was:

“Encryption works. Properly implemented strong crypto systems are one of the few things that you can rely on. Unfortunately, endpoint security is so terrifically weak that NSA can frequently find ways around it.”

It cannot be made any more blatant; the USA Government has admitted to the scheme PRISM and has admitted to accessing our data. They have implemented the major tech companies with which majority of society are associated with on a daily basis.  It is now left up to us to ensure that our data is private.  Encryption is the way forward.

Codecadamy had this to say:

 “Pretty much anybody who knows how code works was prepared for this sort of revelation. Because becoming code fluent is about more than simply knowing enough javascript to get a job. It’s a way to become familiar with the operating system on which the human drama is playing itself out.

Moreover, the better you understand the programs and platforms you use – and the permanence of almost everything you do online – the better equipped you will be to choose what the data watchers know about you, and what they don’t.

May the digitally illiterate proceed at their own risk. Once again, you have been warned.”

Galaxkey is a complete encryption solution. Galaxkey secures emails in transit, on the machine, previously received and stored emails as well as emails stored on the server.  Galaxkey can be used to encrypt attachments, files and documents as well.  If you are serious about maintaining your privacy Galaxkey is the solution for you.

The Galaxkey solution benefits from quick deployment and easy operation so that within minutes the Galaxkey Solution could be up and running and within minutes you will be secure.

The Galaxkey solution has been developed in such a way to enable encryption within numerous environments and on many platforms

The Galaxkey Security Solution in a nutshell

  • A security solution for both corporate and consumer use
  • Secured Identity based model for quick and easy deployment
  • Encryption technologies providing compliance to Government regulation and Industry mandate related to email encryption security, audits and policy enforcement.
  • Secures email content from point to point, in transit  and on storages servers as well as both offline and online
  • Secures entire email content
  • Provides ability for virus scanning of emails before encryption
  • Enables platform independent secure email access
  • Supports B2B and B2C
  • Supports Mobile Device Security


Your security is in your hands…..



The Guardian