Galaxkey is ‘climbing’ at the opportunity to raise funds for ActionAid UK to support the charity in changing lives for the better!

Team Galaxkey- Randhir Shinde, Andy Bryars & Patrick Cooper will ascend Kilimanjaro on the 10th June 2016 in support of ActionAid UK: an outstanding cause.

About the Charity- ActionAid UK

ActionAid UK strive to positively change the lives of the poorest and most disadvantaged women and children across the globe. Through empowering the disadvantaged, ActionAid UK help many along their journey to positive change and this is achievable through focussing on five critical areas.

These include:

  • Addressing the lack of food (through teaching the skills for a more sustainable food supply)
  • The fight for women’s rights and gender equality (empowering women to understand their rights as people)
  • Aiding and providing in times of conflict and emergencies
  • Addressing unjust tax and economic systems
  • Encouraging the education of children but mostly the rights for girls to attain education equal to that of boys

The Charity welcomes any support to assist them to continue and further their great work.

Team Galaxkey’s Story (From Randhir’s perspective)

Around 18 months ago, while walking in Ashridge, we (Andy, Pat and I) decided to set ourselves the challenge of ascending Kilimanjaro-the highest peak in Africa. Although we are accustomed to challenges and do not shy away from them, this challenge is different from others we have taken on before. Having accomplished a lot for ourselves over the years, as a team we decided to direct the focus of this challenge on helping others. We have chosen to raise funds for ActionAid UK (

The Galaxkey Team spend twelve hours a day in front of their machines! Considering our lifestyle, we thought it would be great to take on a different challenge, different to the challenges we are accustomed to, as a team and out in the open.  By no means do we underestimate the challenge ahead of us. Kilimanjaro is one challenge that will take tremendous will power and physical strength for us to accomplish. Pat is by far the most experienced trekker in our team, Andy and I are very new to it- we can not even refer to ourselves as amateurs. Nevertheless, we are taking on the challenge as a team and aim to succeed.

We would like to request that our friends and well wishers please donate generously to this charity and support Team Galaxkey in their efforts to raise the target of £5000.00 for ActionAid UK.  The funds will go a long way to improving the lives of many disadvantaged women and children across the globe.

How to Donate

For a simple and secure means of donating please donate through JustGiving. JustGiving ensure that your details are safe and will never pass them on or send unwanted emails to you.  This method for donation is the most efficient and helps to save time and reduce costs for the charity.  Be assured that your donation will be sent directly to the charity.

A Big Thank You

Lastly, we would love to receive motivation and encouragement via emails, twitter and Facebook-we will definitely be needing all the support we can get!

Team Galaxkey is sponsored by Galaxkey ( and as members of Galaxkey we are determined to succeed.

On behalf of Galaxkey and ActionAid UK we would like to thank you for your support.  Follow us on our journey as we take on a challenge of a different kind in support of ActionAid UK.