Galaxkey already supports the data protection needs of global organisations with our cutting-edge security solutions. But we also believe that as a responsible company, our role doesn’t end at building the best technology – we take this further and invest heavily in our Education CSR program.

Through this program, we make the Galaxkey technology available to schools and universities at discounted prices, and conduct educational sessions for students on safe cyber habits and career guidance.

In September, we led cyber awareness sessions for over five hundred students at at number of primary schools in Bradford:

  • Margaret Macmillan
  • Atlas
  • Miriam Lord
  • Lilycroft
  • Westbourne under the Priestley Academy Trust.

These Education CSR sessions were very well received by the schools with many interesting topics discussed with the students.

Mathew Atkinson, the Director of Learning and Achievement at Priestley Academy Trust had this to say:

“Galaxkey are leaders in their field, and their talks have enthused and motivated our pupils. Sameer gave clear online safety advice, which is vital for children in our modern age in order to keep them safe. Thanks to Galaxkey, we have a number of children who are now keenly interested in a career in this sector.”

These sessions were conducted with the support of Yunus Mayat, IT Manager at Bradford Metropolitan District Council. Yunus added

“It is absolutely brilliant to see companies like Galaxkey taking on the responsibility from within the IT and cyber security industry in supporting our next generation to understand cyber risk and most of all, giving them the tools and knowledge to safeguard themselves. These sessions also gave an insight into the world of IT from a career perspective. It is great to see Galaxkey taking on this amazing work with our schools here in Bradford.”

Sameer Shaikh who conducted these Education CSR sessions from Galaxkey concluded

“We were really glad to play our part in inculcating good cyber habits amongst the students and informing them of various career options in cyber. It was heartening to lead this session and see the interest shown by students and the benefit these sessions brought to the schools”.

Sameer Shaikh leading an Education CSR cyber awareness session at a Bradford primary school
Sameer Shaikh, leading a cyber awareness session at a Bradford primary school

Educational institutes are being targeted more frequently than ever by criminal cyber groups. If you work in the sector, and want to benefit from our technology and this Education CSR awareness program, please contact us at