There has been a clear move recently in the approach enterprises are taking to conduct business and how staff are performing their roles.

The corporate landscape has shifted drastically from the on-premises cubicles and office spaces used for employees, many of whom are now able to work remotely using an array of options. From portable devices and dedicated services, personnel are now sharing, accessing and storing data through new and more flexible methods.

Examples of this can be found in the growing popularity of Software as a Service (SaaS) and that is changing the way enterprises are deploying IT solutions and the way company data is no longer stored on premises, but in the cloud instead.

The data being moved to the cloud is often sensitive in nature, which has increased the scope for potential data loss. Research suggests that 45% of enterprises are storing their customers and client information in the cloud while 42% are storing data on personnel and 24% use it to keep Intellectual Property (IP). Due to the confidential nature of this data being stored in the cloud, companies are advised to consider ways to ensure that adopting a cloud strategy is always a secure option.

Understanding risks involved

The more data is shared and stored, the greater the risk that it can be lost or stolen, which in turn demands a higher level of security. As part of extensive and costly initiatives to modernise, businesses are making the move to transfer data to the cloud. Effectively, this means vast quantities of employee and client data, along with confidential company plans and intellectual property, is being housed outside of the secure perimeters originally utilised to protect on-premises networks.

While this new approach of storing data in the cloud has multiple advantages for businesses, there can be no doubt that the strategy has dramatically increased the chance of data leakage occurring unless comprehensive security measures are adopted and enforced.

Total visibility of user activity

IT professionals can sometimes struggle to stay on top of the high volume of personal devices and cloud-based applications being employed daily by staff across the company. However, it is crucial that access to data is always monitored.

Organisations must always have total visibility on who is accessing specific data and where from so they can identify suspect behaviour. This visibility should also extend to external file sharing and user logins for improved data loss protection.

Implement a cloud security solution

At Galaxkey, we have developed a secure platform that puts you in control of your data. Whether you are uploading to the cloud, accessing or sharing your stored data, we can ensure it is always protected. With powerful three-level encryption that is simple to employ, our security solution for data can safeguard all your information, from private documents and employee records to intellectual property data.

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