Cyberattacks can be financially devastating for any firm, but if you run a start-up or small business, you’ll need all your capital to expand your company and you can’t afford to be crippled by such an unfortunate incident. From expensive investigations and costly security solutions to fines from regulators if your measures are found at fault, a cyberattack can rack up a lengthy bill. Furthermore, if the attack against you involves a data breach, it can also deal a serious blow to your company’s public image and hinder any progress you’ve been making in your sector.

In the next sections, we’ll explore some key measures to take to secure your small business from potential attacks.

Diligent implementation of updates and patches

Updates often include the latest security patches and fixes for known vulnerabilities, so if your devices and applications are not updated, they can be exploited by hackers. From your operating systems and software to the anti-virus and anti-malware options you install, actioning updates and applying patches as soon as they become available provides critical protection.

Rigorous and regimented backups

All your company systems and data must be backed up using a strict schedule that has no margin for error. Whether you store your backups in the cloud or offsite on external drives, make sure you can return to immediate operation if you get hit by an attack that shuts down your network or locks you out of your data.

Creating a cybersecure culture

Raise awareness within your small business of the latest threats on the cybersecurity landscape. From insidious phishing tactics to malicious payloads like spyware, adware and ransomware, ensure all your staff are alert to potential attack. Run tests that check their knowledge of threats and always make sure they understand the actions they should take when they identify a potential attack. Drilling a clear line of reporting into employees can be the difference between a secure system for your small business and an expensive intrusion involving a data leak.

A comprehensive solution for small businesses

At Galaxkey, we understand that many small businesses might not have the technical skillset required to tackle a full range of cybersecurity needs. With this in mind, we have developed a system that is exceptionally easy to use and features premium security options. Powerful three-layer encryption can be activated with a single click, ensuring all your confidential data is protected and keeping you compliant with government legislation.

Secure email is also an option on offer, with staff able to track and verify senders and encrypt not just an email’s text, but any important attachments as well. Our powerful solutions for safe document sharing facilitate collaboration while delivering peace of mind, ensuring that ensure no data is ever lost.

Book an online demonstration, or if you prefer, why not test-drive our secure platform for yourself at no cost in a two-week trial? Get in touch with our specialist team today and upgrade cybersecurity at your small business.