During the pandemic, there has been a surge in cyber assaults. Torrents of scam emails have been unleashed regarding a range of topics, from grants to medical advice, while malicious operators have infected busy online sites with payment card stealing software. Members of the public aren’t the only ones who have been targeted, however.

Massive corporations, small businesses, healthcare centres, educational institutions and even governments have found themselves plagued with a raft of attacks, from email account invasions and insidious malware to dedicated ransomware raids. Even established corporate and government entities such as EasyJet, Facebook and the Ministry of Defence can suffer such attacks, but there are some measures your firm can take to prepare for an unseen strike.

Read on to explore some vital steps to get your company ready to repel or mitigate an attack.

Employee education

Create a “security culture” at your company. This means educating your staff on identifying potential attacks and ensuring they know the correct response to take when receiving phishing emails or texts. Reinforce the message that links and attachments from unknown sources should never be clicked on and drill them with regular tests.

Enhance your data security

Whether it’s confidential or not, all data used by your company must be encrypted. If your system is penetrated by an attacker, it could mean the difference between a harmless infiltration and a wide-scale data breach costing millions of pounds. With all data held on your servers and being shared via your email system fully encrypted, it will be safe from prying eyes.

Make sure all company portals and email accounts require powerful passwords to access them and use multi-factor authentication protocols that use SMS codes or biometric scans.

Backup data

All your company data must be backed up routinely. This way, if you’re attacked or locked out of your system, you can rapidly restore your vital information and get back to business.

Keep all systems, software and applications in date

Whether it’s your operating system or a security programme like antivirus or anti-malware, all your technology solutions must be upgraded as soon as updates are available. These updates often contain crucial security patches that can stop your systems from being exploited.

End-to-end encryption at your fingertips

At Galaxkey, we have developed a secure system that offers peace of mind to Chief Information Officers (CIOs). Our protective platform equips companies with a range of useful tools that can bolster their defences and allow them to remain resilient in the wake of a cyberattack. Our system features powerful three-layer encryption that can ensure all data that is sent or at rest is always indecipherable by malicious operators, whether it is located on email accounts or on your company servers.

From auto versioning to digital signing, you’ll find a wealth of options to explore when you adopt our secure system. Contact us today to discover a new level of security and stay prepared for attacks with a free 14-day trial.