The Galaxkey Development Team has been super busy resulting in the official launch of two new Galaxkey features- now part of our ever-growing Galaxkey data protection toolkit. Both Authorised Data Distribution (ADD) and Classification are ready for our customers to use!

With the impending GDPR, there seems no better time than the present to reveal our brand-new features as both have a fitting role to play in the journey to data protection and compliance.

1. Authorised Data Distribution

Do you want to keep ultimate control of the emails and their contents that you send? Do you want to choose who your email is and is not forwarded to? How about being able to block the reply option?

Galaxkey Authorised Data Distribution (ADD) gives you these functionalities! With ADD the email always remains under the control of its original sender. The owner of the email controls the permissions for that email: who can and can’t forward it, to whom it can be forwarded and can block replies to it.

You can now limit the functions relating to the emails you send and any distribution of the data will need to be authorised by the original sender/owner of the email first. The sender has the capability of blocking replies to the email too!

The recipient can request permission from the sender to forward the email to other recipients. The request specifies the other recipients and the reasons for wanting to forward the email to them, but the sender always decides whether to grant or deny the request to some, all or none of the recipients before the forwarding is enabled.

The original email sender maintains ownership always! This means that all further requests to forward the email will also be addressed to the original sender. Any distribution of the email/data relies on the authorisation by the original sender first.

This great functionally is a practical and easy way to add a further layer of security. It limits the recipients’ ability to unintentionally communicate or share personal and sensitive information with recipients that are not authorised to view it, through request-based email forwarding permission. Thus, helping to better manage and track data (an audit trail exists too!) and ensures the email and its contents are restricted to those who have obtained permission from the original sender.

2. Classification

The ability to understand and identify the types of data that need extra protecting, whilst handling, is an essential part of achieving proper data protection and regulatory compliance.

With Galaxkey Classification, you can protect and manage data according to mandated privacy and security regulations so that all your data is appropriately protected and controlled when shared internally or with parties outside of your organisation.

Easily set rules and permissions, ensuring that all data is communicated according to company policy and that emails and documents always get the level of protection required to keep personal information protected and compliant with regulations and industry standards.

With Galaxkey classification you ensure that data is protected, handled, managed and stored with the prerequisite level of protection that you decide is right for your company,data and regulatory requirements. Thereby maintaining the confidentiality of confidential information, keeping internal data within your organisation and allowing public data to be shared. Helping you to mitigate risk and preventing data loss and data breaches.

With so many great features that this functionality offers, you can automatically assist your employees to handle data more securely, to easily conform to your organisation’s policies and best practices as well as regulations like the GDPR.

Interested? Get in touch, we’d love to show you the ins and outs of these great features! Contact us at to find out more!