Whether your enterprise operates in the commercial or educational sector, to function effectively data must be shared and projects collaborated on. The problem is that data sharing solutions currently available are not necessarily secure enough for the kind of content being exchanged.

If confidential or personal data use is part of your business processes, you should be warned that sharing such data via external devices or email can be risky. These methods, and many others, can be next to impossible to protect or limit access to.

Although file-sharing services and cloud storage can offer useful options for data storage, many firms struggle to effectively manage the established encryption keys for data files, as neither the dedicated security settings nor uploaded information is under their control.

With continuing pressure to remain compliant with data protection regulations, it is more important than ever that enterprises opt for a secure workspace for their staff to share information freely and safely. Here are seven ways you can do that:

1. A safe place to work

Your secure workspace should provide a protective environment for your personnel to perform their key roles safely, uploading and sharing data without risk. Free from fears of cyberthreats, staff can work quickly and more efficiently, leading to greater levels of productivity.

2. Access controlled

You should have authoritative control over your company work environment so that access to data is only granted to those with appropriate permissions. Being able to compartmentalise data and allow access to it based on requirements and privileges will ensure you remain secure while never disrupting workflow. You must be able to enforce different levels of restrictions, enabling users to simply read documents yet be unable to download them if necessary.

3. Auto version control

You must be able to identify when any data file has been changed, with a previous version always retained to avoid data loss.

4. Secure collaboration

Staff must have the capacity to work simultaneously on projects and individual documents safely and should be able to view edits and communicate securely during the process.

5. No size limitations

To avoid delays and disruptions, always select a system with no limits on size whether files are downloaded or uploaded.

6. Assistance with compliance

The workspace you create for your employees should be designed to ensure all data use is compliant with regulations to help staff stay working safely within the lines.

7. User friendly and flexible

Finally, when adopting a secure workspace for your employees to operate in, ensure it is user friendly and can be customised to the specific needs of your business. A system that is too complex for staff to understand will not only hamper productivity but also open your company up to unwanted security risks when protocols are misunderstood and not followed correctly.

A comprehensive security solution for a safer workspace

At Galaxkey, we have constructed our secure platform to tick all these boxes and more. If you want to create a safe working environment that allows staff and date maximum protection, contact our expert team today and arrange a free 14-day trial to test it out with your team.