Cybersecurity is a vital part of every enterprise’s protective measures to ensure they remain resilient. While there are a wide range of complex solutions available to buy that protect data, devices and systems, some options are affordable, easy to use and simple to deploy. Read on as we explore six ways you can improve your security today.

Use e-signatures

Electronic signatures save companies time and money while streamlining the way they work. However, they are also a useful cybersecurity tool. E-signatures can be verified before delivering access to confidential material like contracts or invoices. They also offer a completely trackable history of who interacted with documents, what changes were made and when this happened. This record can be useful when proving security protocols adopted to data regulators.

Encrypt all data

The best way to keep data safe is to use powerful encryption software. Encryption acts by scrambling the characters in a data file or email until they are entirely unintelligible. Decryption keys are issued to those authorised to view the content, but everyone else is effectively kept out. If a data breach occurs, data will remain safe as no one can view or use it without the decryptor.

Stay updated

Software and operating systems that are not running the latest version are vulnerable to cyberattacks. This is because each update contains fixes for known weaknesses in the software, whether it’s an app you use for accounting or the antivirus that safeguards your company devices. Installing any updates as soon as they are available will ensure you never fall foul to vulnerabilities.

Get ready to restore

Companies who don’t keep up-to-date backups cannot return to operations quickly when disaster strikes. Whether it’s a natural storm that damages your systems or a manmade ransomware attack, employing a regimented approach to backups will ensure you can always get back up and running fast when an incident happens.

Limit sharing

Hackers will use any private and company information they can track down online to help and hone their attacks. With this in mind, create a company security policy that insists staff never share private data online that can be used against your firm or to obtain leverage over it.

Be aware

Forewarned means forearmed. Ensure your company’s employees are informed of the types of attacks aimed at them so they can avoid traps. Conduct phishing tests and make sure staff know who to report to when an incident occurs.

A secure platform you can trust

With a strong understanding of the data security challenges faced by firms, Galaxkey offers enterprises a safe place for their teams to operate free from cybercrime. Boasting powerful encryption that is exceptionally simple to apply, our system allows employees with little technical knowhow to secure confidential information with a few clicks. The encryption delivered gives data a three-layer defence, protecting it from even the most persistent hackers.

Our system stores no passwords and has no backdoors for threat operators to exploit. It also includes electronic signatures to facilitate secure signing and to enhance workflow at your operation. Get in touch for a free online demo today.