From the fines levied against firms taking insufficient security measures, to the constantly evolving tactics of threat operators and ransomware gangs, protecting data has never been more important for enterprises than it is today.

Data leaks where sensitive information is exposed can be devastating to a business’s reputation, operations and company funds, costing them a small fortune and dealing a damaging blow that can impact their image for many years to come. With this in mind, we have assembled some of the most crucial protocols firms should implement to safeguard all data they store and transmit.

1. Classify data

All data used and kept must be classified correctly, establishing its sensitivity so that it can be stored safely and accessed only by authorised personnel.

2. Set permissions

Data files must have set permissions ensuring only those who require access to it, and who have the correct level of authorisation, are able to do so. Alerts should be raised if anyone without appropriate permissions attempts to view or download data.

3. Use strong passwords

Powerful passwords must be selected by information security teams, and multi-factor authentication protocols should be used to hamper hacker efforts to crack credentials. Even the strongest passwords should still be changed regularly.

4. Store data safely

All data must be stored in safe areas, in accordance with its classification. Sensitive information must never be kept in easily accessible locations that are unsecure.

5. Back files up

All data retained and used must be backed up using a rigid and systematic approach. Any information lost or destroyed that can never be recalled constitutes a data breach, whether the loss is accidental or deliberate, and can cost companies dearly. Backups also ensure enterprises can quickly return to normal operations in the event of a natural disaster that knocks systems offline or a manmade assault like a ransomware raid.

6. Employ encryption

Finally, ensuring all company data used and stored, whether it’s within enterprise email accounts or servers, is fully protected with cutting-edge encryption software is essential. By adopting encryption, firms can make certain that even if threat operators are able to penetrate their infrastructure or an email containing personally identifiable information is sent to an incorrect recipient, they are protected. Encrypting data files is a protective measure accepted by data regulators like the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which respects its capability to render private data files indecipherable to the prying eyes of cybercriminal groups.

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