14 January 2014

UK firms are choosing to move their data hosted in the US out. 21 % of UK firms have already begun the move this constitutes a fifth of UK small businesses after a survey with a representation pool of 300 was commissioned.

The NSA has caused concern over the security of data hosted within the US for many British companies. With a large number of UK cloud users feeling confused by or unclear of the data privacy laws and the amount of controversy surrounding the NSA with regards to their hacking, spying and data privacy scandals recently.

Individuals and businesses have become exceptionally weary of cloud storage on a whole, with many choosing to keep their data as far away from the US as possible and choosing the less risky approach of hosting their data within their home boundaries of the UK or within Europe.

The deciding factor for provider choice for hosting of data is now security, with businesses choosing the more secure provider over performance guarantees, even if it means that performance level is sacrificed.

Galaxkey does not have any connection with the US and has its accredited data centres outside of the United States.

Galaxkey‘s architecture is unique in that the company has no access to the encryption keys at all. Other email encryption companies secure the keys within the company database thus if ever government demands the keys from them, they would have to hand them over. Galaxkey on the other hand would not be in this position as the encryption keys are not stored with Galaxkey; the user has complete control of their keys and stores them in their environment. The only way the government would be able to gain access to the user data is by requesting the keys from the user himself/herself.

With Galaxkey the user has ultimate control of their keys and their privacy.

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