Data backup is a business-critical process that all companies are advised to conduct systematically and to schedule. From managing day-to-day information requests, to being able to easily return to active operations following an attack on systems, the ability to recall data or restore it when required is absolutely essential.

However, there are far less obvious benefits companies can also reap from keeping clean data copies stored and ready to use. Here, we’ll explore some of the numerous advantages UK firms can enjoy when they maintain backups of all the systems and data they use and retain.

Keeping compliant

While laws will differ across the globe, most businesses will find they are required to keep financial and accounting data for mandatory tax reporting. Backups are ideal for storing these data records and are invaluable for annual tax returns and unexpected audits.

Improved productivity

Companies can save both energy and time when they regularly back up data files, which can increase productivity. Backing up data can cut down the hours wasted completing repetitive tasks, as staff members can use existing reports rather than writing entirely new ones. Backups also allow personnel to make comparisons between past and present work, helping them design more efficient plans.

Data regulators here in the UK insist that companies should always make the information they retain on individuals accessible if requested. Carrying out comprehensive data backups will ensure firms stay compliant with these data protection policies.

Enhanced customer relationships


With customer data always backed up, sales staff can have up-to-date information on clients, including their preferences. This can enhance relationships by creating positive customer experiences that can lead to better marketing and an increase in sales.

Keeping competitive

Accurate enterprise data records can offer businesses an edge over competing companies in their sector. Backups enable firms to swiftly access data requested, allowing them to respond faster and more efficiently than companies that don’t use adequate data storing protocols.

Establishing an archive

Backing up your company data can facilitate the creation of an enterprise’s archives. Every instance of saved digital data will be automatically added to this knowledge base every time backups are performed, storing a firm’s growing history.

Avoiding data loss

The key reason for maintaining backups is to prevent the loss of data. Whether systems are infected with malware or they crash due to technical failure, always having a current copy of all information used will mitigate data loss. It will also make certain that businesses can be back operating swiftly, allowing them to provide a seamless service to their customers and clients.

Advanced data security

At Galaxkey we have created an easy-to-use system that provides premium protection levels for enterprise data. Our state-of-the-art three-layer encryption makes sure that companies can make sure their data is defended against malicious operators and damaging data leaks. If you’re looking to optimise security for enterprise data whether is being archived on company servers or sent via email, get in touch with our expert team today for a free 14-day trial.