Digital document solutions are fast becoming a go-to option for many firms across the world. The pandemic has seen enterprises accelerate their digital transformation to remain resilient, using collaboration platforms designed for remote working, cutting-edge communication software and even dedicated telepresence devices. Digital document signing has played an important role in this evolution, with companies able to sign contracts and keep covenants despite social distancing restrictions.

Outside of the outbreak, digital document signing technology can provide a wealth of benefits for companies that adopt it. From streamlining workflow and saving time and money to reducing waste and ensuring data security, the list of pros is lengthy. Read on to explore some of the ways this innovative option is assisting firms today in their day-to-day operations.

How does a digital document sign option offer firms greater security?

Establishing a signature that is authentic is paramount for enterprise security. Digital signatures can be verified as legitimate, with those signing provided with private PINs, codes and passwords, while timestamping offers comprehensive tracking and proof of signature. These signatures can also minimise the potential for both fraud and tampering.

Why are digital signatures more efficient?

Digital signatures can be completed in seconds from anywhere and at any hour. This makes for fewer delays, which automatically improves workflow and increases operational efficiency. Additional features can also assist the way staff work, with automatic updates, signing prompts and easy to access tracking status information all on hand.

A reduced turnaround time can also improve customer and client relations, as can the convenience of being able to instantly sign important documents from any location they choose.

How does digital document signing save time and money?

Acquiring a signature once took days or even weeks to accomplish, depending on the location a signer was based in. Now, important contracts, invoices in need of actioning and hire purchase agreements can all be completed in mere moments.

Significant savings can also be made using digital document signing technology. The cost of expensive next-day couriers is effectively mitigated with a signature accomplished by a keystroke. Additionally, a paperless office that signs documents digitally can negate the need for onsite printers, paper and toner cartridges.

This can also lead to companies reducing their waste levels, ensuring they remain in line with the government’s environmental ambitions for enterprises to adopt greener methods going forwards. Many firms are enjoying a renewed public image by adopting a more eco-conscious outlook and accepting the role they play in sustainability.

A digital document signing solution you can trust

The digital document signing tool from Galaxkey has been considerately crafted to allow enterprises to enjoy a wide range of advantages. Upgrading the way you communicate with clients and colleagues alike, our state-of-the-art solution enhances productivity by streamlining workflow, and it offers robust levels of information security. Electronic signatures can be utilised for purchase orders, sales contracts, letters of intent, compliance acceptance, invoice processing and any other document that requires a verified signatory. Contact our expert team today for further details.