Even if your company’s policy is to limit confidential communications via email to a bare minimum, there may be times when the vendors, suppliers, and clients you do business with insist upon it. Making sure these emails are secure is crucial. Private emails may involve content detailing important deals, or financial account details and personally identifiable information (PII). Should the email be intercepted or simply addressed to the wrong recipient by mistake, your company could have a damaging data leak on its hands.

How can you protect the content of emails?

The best method of making certain your emails remain confidential is use encryption software. Essentially, encryption scrambles up the characters in your communications, so they appear as random characters making entirely incoherent sentences. This means that if a hacker were to invade your email account (or the recipient’s) and open the email, they would be unable to see any sensitive information.

Both you and your recipient will be allocated data encryption keys that allow you, and you alone, to read the contents of the message. If an email containing confidential details is mistakenly sent to the wrong address, you can also be sure that the information included won’t be disclosed. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has stated that if data has been efficiently encrypted, it does not constitute a leak.

Can you encrypt an email attachment as well?

Some email encryption software is better than others. It’s important when selecting a solution for your firm to ensure it will encrypt not just the body copy of the message, but any added attachments too.

This is essential, as most confidential content sent via email is not in the message itself, but in files and documents included as attachments. These may be sensitive company contracts, invoices full of account details or personnel files loaded with PII.

It’s always the best policy to encrypt all your emails, not just the confidential kind. If a hacker should infiltrate your enterprise email account and find only a few emails are encrypted, they will quickly know which ones hold valuable information and steal them. If they take all your emails as each one is encrypted, they may waste hours cracking a message only to find it offers nothing of use to them.

Your definitive answer to secure email

Galaxkey’s secure email platform solution has been built especially for enterprises that need to send confidential communications via this channel. Seamless and secure emails can easily be sent through our simple-to-use system compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Outlook, Android, and iOS.

With effective operation provided via single-click encryption, a user can make sure their emails are always protected, whether they’re at rest or on the move. For comprehensive security, any important attachment included with messages will benefit from the same powerful encryption, ensuring they can never be read by unauthorised individuals or entities with malicious intent.

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