Sticking to a rigid schedule and backing up data regularly is a vital part of a business’ protective strategy for data security, and it allows them to keep operating effectively in the event of incidents and accidents. Read on to explore why data backups are an absolute must for every firm.

Insurance against the unexpected

Backups protect companies in the event of both equipment failure and disasters. If an electrical storm, flood, fire or other incident destroys data stores, companies can remain resilient and can be back up and operating rapidly with their systems and databases restored from backups. Hardware failure can also cause havoc, wiping out data stored on local devices and servers, but again, backups will make certain nothing is lost.

Removing unauthorised changes

Backups defend enterprises and their data against unauthorised alterations made by malicious intruders. Ransomware operators may encrypt data files, locking staff out of important information, while cybercriminals may hack into systems, altering access permissions on confidential documents or deploying malicious software, from viruses to worms, that corrupt or infect crucial data in storage. As long as strict backups are kept, a fresh copy of all data held is on hand, negating any alterations made by attackers.

A source of valuable information

Providing firms with a complete history of an infiltrator’s activities, enterprise admins can look back through older archived data records that have been backed up to view exactly what actions intruders have taken once accessing a network.

Backups can be an invaluable source of information when a business is attacked, helping them defend their systems better in the future. By seeing the route an intruder takes through a network and the areas they have been able to access, enterprise data security officers can identify vulnerabilities and implement new protective solutions that mitigate the same breach occurring.

Accidents can happen

Finally, it’s worth bearing in mind that human error is the most common risk to data error. Whether it’s due to an employee accident or intention from a cybercriminal, the deletion of confidential information will count as a data breach. However, being able to restore data erased mistakenly or on purpose can swiftly and simply rectify this situation, which means no report to the UK’s data regulator the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) will be required.

A comprehensive enterprise-grade data security solution

Businesses seeking to keep the data they handle and retain on their servers and devices safe from cybercrime can count on Galaxkey for strong support. Whether data is in use or being backed up, our powerful multi-layer encryption method will keep it well-protected from unauthorised entities.

Simple to use, our encryption solution involves easy drag and drop action, allowing email communications and their attached documents or sensitive data files to be instantly scrambled and impenetrable to anyone without appropriate permissions.

Additionally, our systems offer a range of useful features, from electronic sign to email recall – ideal when data is sent in error to the incorrect address.

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