Cybersecurity protocols are designed to keep businesses safe from malicious actors, but they also protect people. From employees and clients to partners and suppliers, individuals connected with companies are all included under the umbrella of cybersecurity measures guarding against potential threats.

Many threat actors will target employees using social engineering scams and phishing tactics to gain deeper access to an enterprise’s network, where they can steal databases packed with personally identifiable information (PII).

Today, advanced technological solutions are available to thwart attacks aimed at businesses. State-of-the-art mail filters and firewalls can block many threats ensuring that they never reach potential victims, while data encryption can keep personal information on staff members, customers, and enterprise accounts and agreements confidential. However, to ensure these solutions are used effectively they must be simple and straightforward to use. Read on for why a user-friendly approach to cybersecurity is always the best policy.

Make reporting simple but effective

Cybersecurity reporting should always be clear and uncomplicated. If staff encounter a malicious message or receive a suspicious email, it should always be easy for them to inform those responsible for information security at a company. If staff feel it will be tiresome, tricky or unpleasant to report a threat they are less likely to notify others, and this represents a significant risk for firms. Staff who can spot online attacks are a powerful asset, so remember to always ensure they never feel foolish reporting questionable activity.

Avoid disruption to workflow

When long-winded or complex procedures are put in place it can make data difficult to access. As a result, productivity is often harmed. Instead of creating complicated methods to retrieve data, protecting the information itself is a more fluid solution. Always protected by encryption, information can be freely moved and shared while remaining safe.

Benefits of easy-to-use technology

If cybersecurity solutions are complicated to use, there are two risks to data security. First, staff members may not use the system properly. Such errors can lead to information being improperly secured. Secondly, employees who can’t understand the technology or process involved may not use it at all.

Data encryption software can be an invaluable solution for businesses looking to safeguard the information they store or share. However, if the software is unwieldy for personnel, it can entirely mitigate its benefits for businesses. A firm might have paid a significant sum for access to encryption, only to find many of its people are either using it incorrectly or not at all.

Encryption with a single-click

At Galaxkey, we design our systems with the end user in mind. While exceptionally powerful, our end-to-end encryption can be added to any data file or email with a mouse click. This makes it easy for staff to grasp and simpler for data security officers to train them. It also ensures that all company data is correctly encrypted, helping firms avoid unnecessary data breaches. For a two-week trial of our solution, get in touch with our technical team today.