From local and national governments to educational institutions and enterprises, organisations of all sizes around the world rely on email to communicate.

Along with carrying out correspondence and connecting with colleagues, clients and contacts, email is also a commonly used method for sharing data. As a result, business email accounts, and the messages issued from them, often contain sensitive and private information. From confidential company contracts and financial data to personally identifiable information (PII), this information must be safeguarded.

Fortunately, email encryption is an option that can ensure all data sent or stored is never at risk. Read on to find out why your firm needs email encryption.

How does email encryption work?

High-quality email encryption software effectively scrambles the body copy and any attached files of an email, ensuring that only the sender and the email’s intended recipient can view or interact with the content. The recipient is issued a key, which when used makes the email and its attachment legible.

Avoiding data breaches

Data leaks can be devastating for firms. If insufficient care was taken to secure private data, a UK company can face fines from regulators like the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and may have to compensate data subjects if their PII was exposed. Long-term consequences can see a company’s stock drop in value, or a loss in reputation that can end a business.

Emails are exceptionally susceptible to data breaches. Full of private information, they provide a honeypot for cybercriminals looking to steal confidential data. If a hacker accesses your company email accounts, they can plunder inboxes and outboxes for sensitive information.

Data breaches can also occur under less dramatic circumstances. An email sent to the wrong address containing PII also constitutes as a data leak. However, by encrypting emails, your company can keep private data safe should a message be sent to the incorrect recipient or intercepted by cybercriminals. You can also prove to data regulators that you took adequate precautions and avoid unwanted fines.

Comprehensive enterprise-grade email encryption

At Galaxkey, we provide a user-friendly encryption solution that delivers powerful protection for emails and their attachments. Approved by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), our cutting-edge encryption provides three-layers of protection to all your communications whether they are being sent out to contacts, stored on outbound mail servers or sitting in outboxes.

For a 14-day trial of our end-to-end encryption solution, get in touch with our technical team today.