Electronic signatures, sometimes referred to as e-signatures, are a quick and convenient way to sign electronic documents securely. While they are not a new solution, each year they seen increasing adoption among companies seeking to safeguard data and streamline their working practices.

Although not all e-signatures are created equally, the best options offer a host of benefits that are particularly pertinent to businesses of all sizes in 2022. Read on to find why there has never been a better time to start deploying this innovative option.

Going green

The UK Government’s green agenda is encouraging businesses across the country to adopt more environmentally friendly processes. Electronic signatures are an excellent step in the right direction for firms looking to go paperless. No scanners or printers are necessary, nor paper and inkjet cartridges limiting the amount of energy and natural resources required to sign documents with wet-ink signatures.

Saving money and working effectively

With rising costs across the UK, every business must consider improving its bottom line. Being able to complete documents digitally can save companies the cost of expensive courier services and printing materials.

To remain resilient, companies must keep ahead of their competitors in 2022 and electronic signatures can help. Instead of days or week being required to sign documents, e-signatures allow this process to be completed in mere minutes. While some firms have returned to the office, many are working more flexibly and enjoying the benefits of lower operational costs and happier employees. Whether staff are working from the office or at home, e-signatures ensure tasks are completed quickly and are efficiently signed off.

Administrative staff will find e-signatures mean no wasted time in chasing and tracking. Automated alerts can let them know as soon as documents have been received and signed for.

Keeping compliant

Companies are under increasing pressure to adhere to UK data protection laws in 2022 and e-signatures can help. Since they are stored electronically, electronic document signing is entirely transparent and fully traceable. As a result, companies can show a document containing confidential data’s journey from start to finish if required and prove that the best security practices were observed.

Staying secure

Cybercrime statistics show threats to data security continuing to rise in 2022 and companies must take appropriate measures to protect the information they process and store. Unlike documents sent by post or courier, digital documents signed electronically cannot be so easily interfered with. Safeguarded with powerful encryption software, only individuals with appropriate permissions can interact with documents, whether they are employment contracts or invoices. Signatories can also be easily validated, allowing only those with approval to complete documents.

An electronic signature solution you can count on

At Galaxkey, we offer a state-of-the-art electronic signature option designed for enterprises, educational institutions and local governments. Powered by robust end-to-end encryption, our simple to use solution allows you to sign documents securely from any location on any device.

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