To keep competitive, enterprises and organisations operating in all sectors are facing increased pressure to lower operating costs while improving the speed and efficiency of the services they provide. In terms of data security, firms are also facing stricter demands to be compliant from regulators.

While there are many approaches businesses can take to address these key issues, electronic signature use can be a simple and swift solution that ticks many boxes. In the following sections, we’ll take a close look at the numerous advantages adopting electronic signatures can offer to today’s firms.

Keep doing business from any location at any time

Electronic signatures are not hampered by the same constraints as traditional methods of signing. When a company has staff spread across the country, the world or simply remote working from home, being able to complete contracts or sign of an invoices from any device or any place is invaluable.

Makes signing simpler and swifter

Instead of waiting for international couriers and erratic postal systems, electronic signing sidesteps any delays and makes doing business faster and more efficient. E-signatures can be added in seconds, allowing firms to fulfil agreements, make deals and raise purchase orders quickly and easily.

Enhanced security for documents and data

Digital contracts and documents can use electronic signatures to protect the data they contain. By requiring specific e-signatures to access information, unauthorised individuals can be kept out of sensitive material. Data included in contractual communications can be completely encrypted rendering it indecipherable to threat actors, and signatories can be verified prior to being granted permission to view or print content.

This increased security also answers the rigorous demands of data regulators, who insist that measures are taken to secure all personal information belonging to data subjects. Data is protected and can be tracked and recalled at a moment’s notice, with a copy of the e-signature presented.

Cutting the costs

As mentioned, e-signatures require no expensive courier services or special delivery mail rates, but they also allow companies to cut other costs. The expense of renting a franking machine, a printer or buying stocks of paper and toner to keep it running are all negated when transactions are completed online.

The unseen cost paid by the environment from wasted paper, air miles and ink cartridges is also mitigated, making e-signature a far greener option – ideal for forward-thinking companies.

Saving time

E-signatures are faster to execute, meaning quicker turnarounds on important documents that require an express approach. They can save time for personnel in other ways with handy alerts when documents are signed and easy tracking systems, making them perfect for private and important documents. This means no more hours wasted chasing documents to be signed or charting their progress across the globe with international courier companies.

Simple-to-use e-signatures

At Galaxkey, our electronic signature feature offers companies a simple and secure option to safeguard their important documents with all data encrypted via an easy-to-use system. Contact our team today to experience a free two-week trial.