In the same way that thieves and trespassers are more likely to break into a premises that doesn’t use CCTV, intruder alarms, perimeter fencing and strong locks, cyber criminals seek out victims who leave themselves vulnerable.

One of the most common access points for threat operators to enter a company’s network or devices is through out-of-date software and operating systems. Today, we’ll explore the risks and downsides involved in delaying updates to the solutions your enterprise currently uses.

Stay updated to remain protected

Anti-virus and antimalware can offer potent protection against network and device infection. However, this security software is only effective if it runs the latest version available. Hackers are constantly upgrading their methods of evading protective software, and in turn developers increase the security of their products to ensure they are still fit-for-purpose. By performing regular updates, you can make sure you have protection against the most recent threats and keep your systems free of malware, spyware, ransomware, worms, and viruses.

Operating systems and other applications also need updating as soon as new versions become available. No system is error-free, and bugs and security risks are constantly being identified and remediated. Updates include those security fixes that resolve known vulnerabilities. By wasting no time in installing updates, you’re making the most of these security patches’ ability to keep attackers out of your network, ensuring they can’t perform a wide array of malicious activity, ranging from encrypting your files and stealing data to deploying malware.

Along with enjoying better security, devices running the latest versions of software will allow your employees to work using the most efficient edition available, increasing user experiences and productivity.

When should you update your systems and software?

Updates can be scheduled outside of peak work times to avoid disruption to your network, but should be installed as soon as possible. However, make sure that all devices in the network are switched on so that none miss being updated.

An ideal option can be to configure your system to automatically install the latest updates offered. Selecting this solution will ensure that your devices and systems always have maximum protection with software updates when providers make them available to users.

Experts in advanced cybersecurity

With a strong understanding that even the best secure gateways and firewalls can be bypassed by a relentless attacker, we at Galaxkey developed our cutting-edge system. In the unfortunate event that your network, devices, server or email accounts are infiltrated, we offer a powerful encryption solution that blocks access to your data. Whether you are storing or sending company emails or keeping confidential databases and files on hard drives or in the cloud, our encryption can be easily applied.

Additionally, our system provides would-be attackers with zero back doors they can exploit and stores no passwords. As a result, it delivers premier levels of cybersecurity for teams on any device using a wide range of operating systems – ideal for today’s hybrid working revolution.

You can start a completely free 14-day trial and see just how easy it is to protect your data with the Galaxkey platform.